Proper Santa Monica

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The latest and greatest from one of my favorite designers Kelly Wearstler. Of course I had to come up with an excuse to go visit and stay in the new Proper Santa Monica Hotel, a meeting in Santa Monica gave me the perfect reason to escape!

The whole space is beautifully curated and feels at once luxe, but attainable. Otherworldly sculptural furniture elements mix with natural, simple materials making for a dynamic and eye pleasing combination. I spent more time then I want to admit walking through the lobby and restaurant taking in the wood and upholstery choices and eyeing each light fixture and hard surface choice. It feels both wild and restrained which is a difficult combination to reach.

While The Proper San Francisco is a whirlwind of pattern and color choices, with jewel tones and blacks contrasting each other, The Proper Santa Monica feels quieter, simpler. You can feel the inspiration of nature, beach sands and organic materials guiding each choice. The underlying vibe is still sexy and sleek, but with a different note this time.


After dinner and a beach walk, I found myself back in my room excavating each surface and material choice. Wide plank light oak floors lay the natural palette while each furniture item is curved, no right angles in sight. An interesting choice, but something I have seen recently trending in furniture styles- more curves and soft lines than ever before. This sets an unconsciously soft and soothing sense to the space. The oversized, half moon shaped upholstered headboard makes you feel secluded and encapsulated in softness. The quality of all the materials is obvious and felt throughout- solid woods, rich wools, simple linens.

Overall I loved my stay, and felt comfortable and relaxed. The environment was perfect for a quick working getaway and reminded me once again of the power of a beautiful interior. The impacts of beautiful spaces are so profound and can trigger inspiration when you least expect it. Thanks Kelly for another beautiful space to inspire!


I Want To Go: The Lodging

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Check it. The Lodging in Freemantle. I love me a good boutique hotel and black and pink and fab photos hits it in all the right spots. This little lady is a refurbished 1800's terrace house. Cant beat the look of modern and traditional all wrapped into one. This is a great example of how a really simple color palette and restrained design can make a huge impact on a space. 

Get me a ticket to Australia stat! 

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all images via  The Lodging  

all images via The Lodging 

I Want to Go : Hotel Henriette

I'm headed to France next month and already planning for all the croissants I will be eating and museums I will be frequenting. I had enrolled in a beginner French class in preparation for my trip (and lets be honest my life) but sadly due to my crazy travel schedule criss crossing the US of late, I have missed every single lesson... So instead of buckling down with my Rosetta Stone I did what any design obsessed, newly minted Franco-phile would do, I turned to Pinterest for travel inspiration and immediately fell down the rabbit hole of all the places i would be finding treasures to bring home with me. 

So turns out I'm totally in love with Hotel Henriette in Paris. The rooms are to die for and don't you dare ask me which room is my favorite. I absolutely refuse to pick a favorite and I intend to switch rooms every night I am there. 

Follow along on my France Trip Board on Pinterest- I will be adding all the places I plan to visit! 

All images via Hotel Henriette