Paris in the Fall Part I


Sorry its taken me a bit to do my European travel round up... time ran away at the end of year as it continues to do! So Part I , here it is! 

To end my 2016 I had an amazing adventure around Europe. Planes, trains and automobiles- 10 days in France, Belgium, Spain and back to France. Road trips, wide open beautiful countryside covered in vines, the Mediterranean Sea, streets of Barcelona. sleeping in the oldest Medieval Castle in France and the sparking Eiffel Tower outside my window. To say the trip was good would be an understatement. 

For me, travel, by far, is my greatest source of inspiration. Being in a different atmosphere than your everyday, getting outside of your comfort zone, enjoying another culture and I am so lucky to get the opportunity to do that! 

We started the trip in Sainghin, my boyfriend's home town. Quaint and country. I found myself meandering old cobblestone stone side streets, ancient churches and I knew I was the only American for miles. It is a very small town outside of Paris and I was mostly taken by what I saw in terms of the architecture. All of the homes were very traditional stone, but new builds were popping up in the middle of farms that were wholly modern. The black steel and wide open windows in stark contrast to the traditional surroundings. And I loved it. I also love and noticed everywhere the French philosophy of repurpose. My boyfriend's family home has been in his family for generations and it has been built on, added to, converted, creating a warm and unique atmosphere where everything is worthy of saving. 

Next stop a trip to Bruges and Ghent. Drinking hot wine along the winding canals I took in these fortress like cities made more for walking than cars. And dont worry of course I had a waffle! 

The next day we flew to Toulouse and I have to say I wished I had more time to enjoy this city. It was pouring rain, so we hid out most of the time in a cafe, but did venture out a bit under the arcade. And the pink city did not disappoint. I have always been a fan of those "big little cities." Maybe thats why I love San Francisco so much! Toulouse felt like that. Meandering and green set atop drifting rivers. Modern and old in the perfect mix, a vibrant outdoor scene and who doesnt love an carousel! I intend to go back and spend a few more days there to really take in the beauty that is there. 

Road trip! Unbeknownst to me I had a surprise in store on our way from France to Spain. Sleeping in a beautiful castle in Carcasonne. It was raining when we left Toulouse and as the old walled city lights came into view our little car got closer and closer, until I was told that the hotel was inside the castle! Score! Our adventure to actually get into the hotel was very Woody Allen, trying to drive our mini Euro car on tiny winding roads that were never made for cars, waiting for a bellhop to arrive in the pouring rain and finally arriving to the magnificent hotel in the old walled city. 

Part II- Espana and Paris! I cant wait to show you around El Nacional, my favorite place in Barcelona!  In the meantime I am heading to Tulum next week. Check out my pinterest board as my plan my warm weather vacation! 

Color Study: Pink

The other night we were walking along the bay at sunset and I was noticing how the sun on the water was making everything pink. Paired with the beautiful blue water of the San Francisco Bay it made me realize why I love the color combination of pink and blue so much and why I use it so frequently in my work. I love the way its both warm and cool and pulls in colors from the best times of the day, dusk and dawn.

Pink is an especially beautiful color to me- it can have so many variations and tones and can give a design so many different directions. Ballerina pink for a little girls room, dusty rose for a sophisticated twist, neon pink for an unexpected splash. Ok I know a lot of people don't think pin is as perfect of pop as I do- but my love for pink aint ever gonna die. Follow along my Color Study: PInk board on pinterest where I indulge my love for pink in nature, interiors and fashion. 

Images: SRTA-PEPIS / Another / Textile Tribe / Hotel Covell / mansurgavriel / French by Design / The Red List  / Habitissmo

Tips: Bali/Boho on a Budget

A few weeks back I completed the design for Audrina Patridge's living room and dining room. It was full on Bohemian/ Bali inspired and we had such a great time putting it together! Head on over to Audrina's blog to read my top  tips for getting the same Bali inspired look I did for her on a budget! 

photo credit: Carla Choy Photography 


Have you read this great article on MyDomaine? I love reading about and being surrounded by smart, strong, talented women with vision who follow their dreams and their passions to success. MyDomain interviewed some of my favorites about their challenges and what inspires them on the daily. A good reminder to keep hustin' and following your inner truth, as it usually leads you the right way. I know that its always worked for me! 

I Want to Go : Hotel Henriette

I'm headed to France next month and already planning for all the croissants I will be eating and museums I will be frequenting. I had enrolled in a beginner French class in preparation for my trip (and lets be honest my life) but sadly due to my crazy travel schedule criss crossing the US of late, I have missed every single lesson... So instead of buckling down with my Rosetta Stone I did what any design obsessed, newly minted Franco-phile would do, I turned to Pinterest for travel inspiration and immediately fell down the rabbit hole of all the places i would be finding treasures to bring home with me. 

So turns out I'm totally in love with Hotel Henriette in Paris. The rooms are to die for and don't you dare ask me which room is my favorite. I absolutely refuse to pick a favorite and I intend to switch rooms every night I am there. 

Follow along on my France Trip Board on Pinterest- I will be adding all the places I plan to visit! 

All images via Hotel Henriette

Inspiration: Tokyo

I get so much inspiration for my work from travel. I love cities, countryside, urban, suburban. Checking out gardens and museums, restaurants and hotels and meeting new people.  Being in these environments is a never ending well that just makes my brain non stop tick with what Im going to bring to my next project. I was recently in Japan and let me say what an amazing city the architecture,  the energy, the colors. Between the Prada Store, Robot Restaurant, kayaking around Tokyo then taking a train across the country to more remote areas to see the isolated beauty, it was a stunning trip. 

When in Tokyo be sure to hit the Aoyama Flower Market to sip tea amongst the most beautiful blooms in a really cool industrial space.