kyla herbes

Project: Living Room Design for Kyla @ House of Hipsters

I always say that the most important part of the success of a design project (and what happens to be my favorite part of being an interior designer) is the connection between the designer and the client. This couldn't be more evident than in the case of the design that I created for my virtual bff Kyla Herbes from House of Hipsters. First of all, this is the second time that Kyla and I have worked together. We first "met" when I did the design of her guest bedroom and really met when she flew out to the Seattle Showhouse and I was able to give her a tour around the house. When her and her family moved to their new home it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate again! 

Let me start by saying that Kyla is an amazing designer and stylist in her own right and I said more than once during the course of our working together "you totally dont need me!" But I think the fact that we both love the collaboration process so much and bouncing design ideas off of each other is what keeps us going! The amount of times that she has purchased a piece of art that I own, or emailed me saying "hey do you like this" and I literally just picked out the exact same item for another client is so many its spooky! 

Now lets get to the room! This space is the first area that you enter into when you come through the front door- its more of a "formal living room" so I wanted to dress it up a bit, but also make it ultra accessible for Kyla's family. I imagined Kyla having a cup of coffee or her kids jumping on the sofa in the space. I wanted it to feel welcoming but special. I think this was achieved by the mix of materials- shiny brass, organic woods and luxe velvets. I love mixing materials, textures, patterns and I think this room is the perfect example of how a layered room can feel so rich and have so much depth. 

Art is really important to me. I see interior design in itself as functional art- actually living in art, so bringing in special art pieces is really crucial to me and luckily equally important to Kyla. The piece from Tappan Collective is one of my favorites (I had spec'd this for another client and Kyla sent it to me asking me my thoughts on it- design brain connection!) and really sets the tone for the space. Its relaxing, ethereal, soft- everything I wanted this room to feel. The other art pieces are from Nicole Cohen  Kyla introduced this amazing photographer to me and I was instantly in love. She has so many beautiful pieces, go check it out!! 

So love this space, see all the details  here . its one my favorites, for one of my favorite people! So happy to be part of Kyla's new home and hey ready to tackle your other living room! Go check out the full reveal over on House of Hipsters, FYI the befores are pretty amazing!  xoxo

photo credit: Emilia Jane Photography