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Tips: Bali/Boho on a Budget

A few weeks back I completed the design for Audrina Patridge's living room and dining room. It was full on Bohemian/ Bali inspired and we had such a great time putting it together! Head on over to Audrina's blog to read my top  tips for getting the same Bali inspired look I did for her on a budget! 

photo credit: Carla Choy Photography 

Before and After: Audrina Patridge's Living Room

Audrina and I had so much fun re-designing her bedroom that we were pumped to jump in and start on our next project- the combined living room, dining room and kitchen. Audrina initially started out on her new home re-design with her master bedroom because she was just about to have new baby Kirra and really wanted a place to be cozy and to nest. She soon realized that she was spending most of her time with her family and the new baby in their great room and really wanted to get that space as shaped up as we got her bedroom! 

First thing first, inspo! Audrina sent me lots of great inspiration pictures for what she was hoping to achieve in the space, lucky for me I already had a good idea of what she was wanting- Boho/ Bali/Beach, functional, luxurious, tropical, pattern infused. I had also already been privy to her closet and how she likes to inadvertently match her shirts to her lamps (insert smiley face) so I was pretty clear on the design direction! 





Keeping her existing sectional, Audrina and I set about creating a comfortable, space for the family to hang out. One of the  major changes to the room layout was the shift of the sofa to face into the space. I really wanted to open up the space so that whoever was cooking in the kitchen could still feel connected to the rest of the space and vice-versa. Two low slung chairs with a subtle printed mudcloth provide additional seating and add that bohemian flair we were trying to bring to the space. I absolutely love the beaded chandelier it is definitely the glamorous, bohemian show stopper that we needed for Audrina's space! 

Audrina is such a great client, I love working with her because she has a great sense of style and really know what she likes! I think the space is a reflection of that and of her -  It feels so functional and cozy, but also designed and pulled together. Check out the articles in People and Architectural Digest and be sure to hop over to Audrina's blog to find out where all the pieces are from! 

Photography Credit: Carla Choy Photography