Fall Fashion...
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Im usually more focused on shopping for furniture and home accessories, but with my impending trip to France, Belgium and Spain quickly approaching and what seems like non stop photo shoots lately,  I have been shopping fall fashion and let me say there is some great stuff out there! So to keep your closets as inspired as your interiors here is a quick round up of some of the fall pieces I have made mine or plan to! 

I swear I could wear Ulla Johnson everyday. Her pieces are usually my spurge pieces, but they are items I keep FOREVER. I have been eyeing this fringe wrap jacket for awhile and I am pretty sure its coming with me to Spain. 

The forever denim lover that I am- I have been hoarding levi's including stealing and cutting up the jeans from my nearest and dearest. No denim is safe from me. Recently bought a pair of these vintage 501's and have been living in them. 

Bought 2 of these babies in the stripe version and the basic black and going back for the rest of the colors. These tee's are perfection- the fit is amazing- soft and sexy and I love, love, love a scoop back. Looks perfects paired with my high waisted flares.

Doen, all day , every day! I am so in love with this line - their dresses are beautiful and romantic- I just bought this sweater and just saw how many of their pieces I have been eyeing all summer are now on sale! Shopping spree headed that way! I never met a sweater that I didn't like and the cozy bell sleeves on this was more than I could handle.   

Boots, boots! I am ready to wear these babies all over Europe in less than a week. I have been looking for a cool pair of snakeskin boots for awhile that aren't too pricy and these fit the bill. Low heel and great color these will look great dressed up for a night out or out along the Champs- Elysees sightseeing. 

My Jord Wood Watch! I'm sure you guys have seen my obsessive posts about my love for my wood watch on instagram-  but seriously not leaving the country without it! I have been wearing the Frankie Koa and Ash Style non stop lately and have been getting so many compliments on it. Its so lightweight and everywhere I go people comment on how cool it is. Belle montre! 

Art on my Walls Part II---- Sources

So where do i like to shop for art you ask? LIke I said in Art on my Walls Part I, art has been and will always be such an important part of any room design for me. Whenever I hang a piece during an installation, I always feel this "aahhhhh" sense as the piece tends to just pull the whole space together. 

There are so many great affordable options for art these days. Of course I love shopping galleries and checking out beautiful pieces that are great investment items and its something that I always tell my clients- if you are going to spend a lot of money on anything it should be the art and the upholstery. Those are generally pieces that you have for a long time and will move with you into new spaces. I know I personally have art that I have had for over 15 years that has travelled with me back and forth across the country and made their homes in a lot of different rooms. So here we go top places that I look for art. 

Tappan Collective is by far my favorite spot to source art. They do the work for you searching up and coming and established artists and bringing it all together with beautiful limited edition pieces in multiple sizes and price points. I absolutely love the aesthetic they curate, moody, sexy, unique, painting, photography, collage. It runs the gamut and always changing. I sourced beautiful art pieces from Tappan for both Erin Heimstra's guest bedroom as well as the Chicago project and in both the oversize dreamy landscapes were on point to create a mood for the room. 

One Kings Lane continues to be a favorite destination of mine for art. They do a great job curating pieces from my favorite artists and again the selections change constantly so if you see something you like you better grab it before its gone! The price points are varied which is nice so you can get great pieces for reasonable prices.

Society 6 is a super inexpensive source that I am constantly scouring. I am such an art freak that I generally dont have enough wall space for all the art that I fall for so I am constantly buying unframed prints and changing them out. Designer Tip: Inexpensive and gives a whole new look! Society 6 is great for this- you can buy prints framed as well, but the unframed are a great buy. I have found that artists i have sourced elsewhere are sold for less here. 

Minted. Of course the go -to source for great art! I love Minted- especially for good quality. large scale, framed pieces. I have found so many wonderful artists through Minted, and we used their palm print in Audrina Patridge's living room. Great selection here! 

Urban Outfitters has saved me multiple times when I was in a bind during an install and needed cool art fast - let me tell you this is very difficult to come by in a pinch! Their selection of art has grown exponentially recently and really bringing cool artists and photographers to the forefront which I love seeing. You can again buy pieces framed or unframed. 

Bay Home Consignment in Berkeley and Stuff in San Francisco are 2 local spots I hit up on the regular to peruse their inventory. And let me say I have gotten some gems in both places. Vintage wall weavings and 70's abstracts are some of my prized purchases! Ok so thats my list of "secret" designer sources when I am on the hunt for great art on my (or your) walls! Check out my art pinterest board if you are looking for more inspiration- I am always adding there! xx

Images: Jonas Ingerstedt Photography / House of Hipsters for Decorist / Nell Waters Bernegger / Leah Flores / Audrina Patridge Living Room / Jamie Chung Living Room / Nicole Cohen


Obsessed with
DG1A7833 copy.jpg

WKNDLA Wall hangings. I fell upon the amazing wall hangings from LA based artist Cindy Zell via Vuela Boutique when I was working on the living room design for Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenburg.  So happy I found them both, because they are sources I go back to over and over for inspiration, fashion and home pieces. 

The wall art at WKNDLA continues to inspire me- I am always looking for the unexpected to add to a client's design and Cindy's work runs the gamut from small pieces to layer on a tabletop to the unexpected fiber art for that empty spot on your wall calling for some love! 

I am currently really loving her dip dye tassels- I love them layered on a stack of books on a bookshelf or they are also perfect to add a little bit of a beauty to a door knob. 

I am always joking that my favorite clothes  are things that look like they could be easily translated into a pillow cover or sofa upholstery so the fact that Cindy has created some amazing necklaces inspired by her tassel wall art- well that is just perfect for me! Love that I can wear it out and then come home and hang it on the wall to enjoy! Multi purpose at its best! Is it too early to say great gift ideas?! 

Images: Jamie Chung Living Room with Decorist / Indigo Rope Tassel / Dip Dye Tassel / Compass Necklace 

Before and After: Erin Heimstra of Apartment 34

So excited to reveal this one! Recently I completed the design for the guest bedroom of the talented Erin Heimstra from Apartment 34. I have been so lucky lately working with so many talented ladies with a great eye for style- it really makes the collaboration process that much more fun. And it always ups the challenge to create a fashionable, stylish space when the client is so fashionable and stylish herself! 



Erin recently completed the remodel of an old Victorian here in San Francisco and let me just say this house is AMAZING! I am happy to say the guest room/ home office is the first room in Erin's "Old Victorian" to be completed and I am pretty happy with the results! 

Erin loves white and clean-  her inspiration was a little Scandinavian, a little Parisian loft. She really wanted the space to have an easy feel and I played off of that to create  a room that was not too feminine and not too masculine. 

Leaning pictures, an industrial sconce and clean white bedding all play into the look creating a luxurious respite for guests and also a great place for Erin to spend her days working. You can read ore about the design on Architectural Digest and read more about the project! 

Bringing the Outdoors In

By far, nature is one of the the biggest sources of inspiration in my design work. I am so lucky to live in a place where I am surrounded by amazing scenery- trees, mountains, water.  All of these elements endlessly inspire my creative process, and I constantly recognize elements in my design work that are a direct result of nature- the colors in a sunset, or the blue of the ocean always seem to find a way into my interiors.

That being said its no wonder plants play such an important role in my design work- I love the drama of an unexpected tree or the perfect tropical plant to add a freshness to a space. So of course you have to think about the perfect planters to use for all this beautiful leafy-ness! 

I love a planter in an unexpected texture or color, something that is simple and clean so that your plant can be the star of the show! I've rounded up a few of my recent favorites and I have to say I am pretty much loving that new matte rose planter from West Elm! Going to have to find a spot for her in my house! Want some more inspo? Check out my interior jungle board on pinterest- lots more goodies there! 

Images: mid century / adelphi / wire planter / bette/ adia/ clay stripe bowl / Haarkon / Poetry of Material Things / Wock Wocka Wocka


Ashley Redmond
Art On My Walls Part I-- How to Display

Art is such an important aspect to any design project. Art can set the tone of a space- it can completely transform the vibe of a room based on the subject, the color and the way you display it. Its always amazing to me the way adding a simple art piece to the wall or combining things together in a gallery wall can totally change the direction of a design. There are so many great artists out there, and discovering new artists is never ending- so I figured I would break up this subject into 2 blog posts, how to display and my favorite sources (I have a lot!). 

Gallery walls will never go out of style. I promise! Its a great way to combine multiple styles and sizes to create an impactful focal statement in a space. I created the gallery wall above in the Decorist office and it was such an inexpensive and one of kind option. I went on a little buying trip to one my favorite local vintage shops and sourced some cool abstract art pieces and displayed them above a vintage credenza. Instant gallery wall! 

For me gallery walls are great because I have a knack for collecting odd and mismatched pieces for the wall- tassels, horns, convex mirrors are some of my latest finds, so creating unique gallery walls mixed with my latest favorite artists is a great way to keep the space fresh and rotate my ever growing art collection. I created this fun gallery wall for San Francisco advertising agency Partners in Crime because my client also loved art and wanted a way to display his amazing walking sticks from the Mill Valley Walking Stick Company that he creates (more on my favorite art sources coming up!) 

So besides gallery walls how else do you display art? Don't restrict yourself just to displaying art on the walls. I love the idea of over-laying art on bookshelves or on other built in architectural elements. It immediately adds depth and unexpected interest in a room. 

Leaning art is another favorite of mine. Its feels so casual and sophisticated and has an easy Parisian flair to it. Best part is no nails in the wall so if you are a crazy art collector like me. you can easily change out without feeling like its too permanent.

So thats the skinny on how I like to display my art, stay tuned for some of my favorite (current) art resources! 

credits: Hollywood Hills/  Decorist/ Union Street / Prospect Street 

Black and White All Over

You can never really go wrong with monochromatic styling. It always feels fresh and modern and its a great way to keep a design gender neutral in an interior. Same goes for apparel, I love the look of all one color top to bottom. One of my clients that I am currently working with loves working in single tones and her spaces are so sophisticated and clean. 

Even though you are building on just a few tones keep it interesting by: 

+ invite texture- select fabrics and materials that add depth to the design even in one tone. Bring in leathers, knits, velvets. Even all in black each of these materials will look utterly different in the space. 

+ pattern play- think about what patterns you can bring in that will compliment the design while keeping in tune with the colors that you are using 

+ material mash up- adding acrylic, glass, silver, gold will do wonders to add dimension to your monochromatic look. All of these materials play well with the tone on tone look and dont take away from the clean look you are after. 

Ok off to go put my glass heeled booties on (sigh) and put up some of that amazing Kelly Wearstler wallpaper (double sigh)....

images via: Le Fashion   The Design Chaser Totokaelo Kelly Wearstler Ferreol Babin 

Ashley Redmond
Obsessed with

My Jord Wood Watch! I have always been a  watch freak- I have a thing with bracelets and unique watches, I guess its because I'm such a visual person that I love to look down and see something cool on my wrist! I am also all about function and am constantly on the go- running to meetings, catching flights, getting here and there that I am always in need of the time, so a watch is a must for my daily routine. 

I was introduced to Jord and immediately fell in love with the look and the construction of the watches. I am a lover of natural materials and the idea of a wood watch really appealed to me and my aesthetic. Its minimal and lightweight, but has an easy to read face and goes with everything! I have been sporting the Koa and Ash Frankie Watch lately and I love it layered with a funky beaded mala bracelet or any of my go to vintage silver cuffs. Easy and chic! 

Check out all the great styles here and best news yet-  Jord was kind enough to offer my readers a cool giveaway! Enter here to win e $75 e-voucher toward the purchase of a watch and guess what anyone who enters (excluding the winner) gets a $20 e-gift card. So everybody wins! Check them out and hopefully it keeps you from running late like me! 

This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches, all opinions are my own



Inspiration: Iowa

Traveling anywhere is a big source of inspiration for me. Whether its discovering a new coffee shop in my neighborhood or flying across the world- I love seeing what is popular, what design trends people are gravitating toward and what is different and what is similar in different parts of the country and world. Getting outside of my everyday routine inevitably triggers something creative and inspired in me.  Recently I spent a few days in Des Moines, Iowa for a photo shoot and on my down time I was able to get out and explore the city. We are just going to ignore the fact that it took me 16 hrs (lightning storms!) to get there! Adventures in travel! 

Des Moines, turns out is a great walkable city, I was able to get out in the morning and run along the river and check out the architecture and the skyline. The downtown is full of cool industrial style brick buildings with a thriving nightlife and great vintage fashion scene. Luckily I was pointed in the right direction by some of the locals I was working with and checked out Preservation. Mecca! Chock full of vintage levis, handmade shibori bags and delicate jewelry I knew I was in the right spot. The fact that the interior consisted of cool black and white rock and roll prints, rustic wood benches covered in sheepskin and layered jute and dhurrie rugs- well me and Preservation were pretty much kindred spirits. 

After a quick chai in a local cafe with a cool industrial, vintage vibe: concrete floors, buttery leather sofas and misc glass displays I grabbed my tea and took a walk over to the Des Moines Botanical Gardens. Ok we all know what a plant-a -holic I am, so this place was heavenly. An enormous dome overflowing with luscious greens, palms, banana leafs, pretty much any tropical green you can imagine and I was set. After taking this all in, I found myself along the river again coffee in hand, breathing in the thick humid air. 

Although it was a quick jaunt through, it was a great trip! I met so many creative people it was amazing- everyone was talking about their home improvement projects, what they were working on, what they were making. It was inspiring to be around so much positive creativity and it was an energy that was really tangible in the air. It was an electricity you could feel - or maybe it was just the humidity! 

I Want to Go: El Cosmico

It opens like this.. "El Cosmico is an 21 acre nomadic hotel and campground in Marfa, Texas. In keeping with the belief that life should be a balance of adventure and do-nothingness...." Count me in! So much is happening these days that I am ever more grateful for, but the idea of running away to a remote getaway with miles of stars and quiet is always so appealing. Of course funky design, sunset soundtracks and camp cooking are just the extra pieces to get me to pack a bag and jump on a plane to wide open Texas. 

Trailers, teepees, yurts and tents dot this property inspired by "hippies, nomads, bohemians and those living a life of self-determination." Its the perfect spot to tune in and get centered. 

Follow along on my Wander pinterest board for a little reminder to breathe in the air and look around at all the beauty. 

all  images via El Cosmico

Before and After: Audrina Patridge's Living Room

Audrina and I had so much fun re-designing her bedroom that we were pumped to jump in and start on our next project- the combined living room, dining room and kitchen. Audrina initially started out on her new home re-design with her master bedroom because she was just about to have new baby Kirra and really wanted a place to be cozy and to nest. She soon realized that she was spending most of her time with her family and the new baby in their great room and really wanted to get that space as shaped up as we got her bedroom! 

First thing first, inspo! Audrina sent me lots of great inspiration pictures for what she was hoping to achieve in the space, lucky for me I already had a good idea of what she was wanting- Boho/ Bali/Beach, functional, luxurious, tropical, pattern infused. I had also already been privy to her closet and how she likes to inadvertently match her shirts to her lamps (insert smiley face) so I was pretty clear on the design direction! 





Keeping her existing sectional, Audrina and I set about creating a comfortable, space for the family to hang out. One of the  major changes to the room layout was the shift of the sofa to face into the space. I really wanted to open up the space so that whoever was cooking in the kitchen could still feel connected to the rest of the space and vice-versa. Two low slung chairs with a subtle printed mudcloth provide additional seating and add that bohemian flair we were trying to bring to the space. I absolutely love the beaded chandelier it is definitely the glamorous, bohemian show stopper that we needed for Audrina's space! 

Audrina is such a great client, I love working with her because she has a great sense of style and really know what she likes! I think the space is a reflection of that and of her -  It feels so functional and cozy, but also designed and pulled together. Check out the articles in People and Architectural Digest and be sure to hop over to Audrina's blog to find out where all the pieces are from! 

Photography Credit: Carla Choy Photography

Project: Living Room Design for Kyla @ House of Hipsters

I always say that the most important part of the success of a design project (and what happens to be my favorite part of being an interior designer) is the connection between the designer and the client. This couldn't be more evident than in the case of the design that I created for my virtual bff Kyla Herbes from House of Hipsters. First of all, this is the second time that Kyla and I have worked together. We first "met" when I did the design of her guest bedroom and really met when she flew out to the Seattle Showhouse and I was able to give her a tour around the house. When her and her family moved to their new home it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate again! 

Let me start by saying that Kyla is an amazing designer and stylist in her own right and I said more than once during the course of our working together "you totally dont need me!" But I think the fact that we both love the collaboration process so much and bouncing design ideas off of each other is what keeps us going! The amount of times that she has purchased a piece of art that I own, or emailed me saying "hey do you like this" and I literally just picked out the exact same item for another client is so many its spooky! 

Now lets get to the room! This space is the first area that you enter into when you come through the front door- its more of a "formal living room" so I wanted to dress it up a bit, but also make it ultra accessible for Kyla's family. I imagined Kyla having a cup of coffee or her kids jumping on the sofa in the space. I wanted it to feel welcoming but special. I think this was achieved by the mix of materials- shiny brass, organic woods and luxe velvets. I love mixing materials, textures, patterns and I think this room is the perfect example of how a layered room can feel so rich and have so much depth. 

Art is really important to me. I see interior design in itself as functional art- actually living in art, so bringing in special art pieces is really crucial to me and luckily equally important to Kyla. The piece from Tappan Collective is one of my favorites (I had spec'd this for another client and Kyla sent it to me asking me my thoughts on it- design brain connection!) and really sets the tone for the space. Its relaxing, ethereal, soft- everything I wanted this room to feel. The other art pieces are from Nicole Cohen  Kyla introduced this amazing photographer to me and I was instantly in love. She has so many beautiful pieces, go check it out!! 

So love this space, see all the details  here . its one my favorites, for one of my favorite people! So happy to be part of Kyla's new home and hey ready to tackle your other living room! Go check out the full reveal over on House of Hipsters, FYI the befores are pretty amazing!  xoxo

photo credit: Emilia Jane Photography

I Want to Go : Hotel Henriette

I'm headed to France next month and already planning for all the croissants I will be eating and museums I will be frequenting. I had enrolled in a beginner French class in preparation for my trip (and lets be honest my life) but sadly due to my crazy travel schedule criss crossing the US of late, I have missed every single lesson... So instead of buckling down with my Rosetta Stone I did what any design obsessed, newly minted Franco-phile would do, I turned to Pinterest for travel inspiration and immediately fell down the rabbit hole of all the places i would be finding treasures to bring home with me. 

So turns out I'm totally in love with Hotel Henriette in Paris. The rooms are to die for and don't you dare ask me which room is my favorite. I absolutely refuse to pick a favorite and I intend to switch rooms every night I am there. 

Follow along on my France Trip Board on Pinterest- I will be adding all the places I plan to visit! 

All images via Hotel Henriette

Fall Collection Nate Berkus x Target

You guys! Have you seen the newest Fall collection from Nate Berkus at Target? I love all things Nate and Target has really hit the mark with this one. Target is such a great source for unexpected, affordable home pieces and I swear the collections keep getting better and better! I love Target especially for accent tables and textiles. Their pillow and throw collections are always great and its the perfect place to source trendy seasonal items that you might want to switch out because nothing is too expensive. 

Be sure to check out the Nate Fall collection, so many of the great trends I have seen for the Fall are happening here- rattan, gold accents and rich browns. Go grab some! 

Tour Julie and Johnathon's House!

Love this video of a little behind the scenes action of the install of my design of  Julie Solomon and Johnathon Schaech's house. We had such a great time working together- I didn't want the project to end! Julie is so stylish and has such great taste that she made my job way too easy!  And seeing Camden's reaction to his teepee was my favorite thing ever! You can also read more about the project on the World Market blog here.  

Kitchen Tips and Trends

Seems like I have been working on a lot of kitchen designs lately and wanted to share some of my tips when it comes to designing a kitchen and also what I am loving right now! There is a lot to think about when you are re-modeling a kitchen, unlike many other spaces in the home kitchens and bathrooms are usually spaces that need to do a lot of jobs as well as withstand the test of time because they typically end up staying put for a bit!  Case in point the 1970’s kitchen that I am currently working on! It hasn’t been touched in a couple of decades so its finally time for a facelift! 

Top Tips

Be practical! Think about all the functions for your kitchen- how do you use it? Are you a super cook? Do you love to entertain? Do you want to just make your kitchen disappear? These are all important things to consider when starting on your project. Although you love the look of carrera marble, its tough to maintain and if your countertops take a beating a quartz or other manmade material might be a better option for your lifestyle. 

Steer Clear of the Trends! You want your kitchen to withstand the test of time. In kitchen’s and bath’s I tend to recommend that my clients go with neutrals on things like the cabinets. Although a lime green cabinet looks amazing in a magazine this wont necessarily translate for many years and if you are planning to live with your new kitchen for awhile I recommend staying with the basics on the major pieces. 

Treat your tile and hardware like jewelry! These are the places you can have a bit of fun with. Be more adventurous with your tile choices and know that nickel, chrome, rose gold.. you can change up your hardware easily over the years. 

Brighten it up! I love me some lighting! In all spaces! Lighting in a kitchen is especially important. Here you have to consider decorative lighting as well as task lighting. A vintage pendant can make any space interesting and again this is an area that can be changed out of you keep your kitchen for 30 years! 

Trends that are not Trendy! 

I’m loving a lot of whites, natural stone and light woods.  There are so many amazing materials out there to choose from and dont even get me started on tiles! But truly I am really drawn to the direction of the kitchen being a space that takes its inspiration from nature, it should be a beautiful backdrop to create delicious meals for family and friends to enjoy. 

I love thick natural wood open shelving. 

Hints of brass or gold mixed with a surprising rich color. 

I have been seeing a lot of islands that are different material than the rest of cabinets and that is a trend I am really loving. 

Bench seating is always a hit with me! Anywhere you can lounge to drink your coffee is a plus! 

Ok I am going to go back to pinning incessant inspiration pictures. Follow along with me here! And in the meantime I hope you are inspired to create your own perfect kitchen oasis. 

Fall Round Up!
image via Gravity Home 

image via Gravity Home 

Well its almost October! I am currently traveling in Iowa, and it feels like a hot, hot summer here! But the changing season usually means the leaves will start to change- unless you live in California like me where the only discernible change in the season is that it is much darker in the mornings on my runs and the persimmons have started to rippen in the trees around my treehouse! But I digress. On to fall home tips! Lonny Magazine recently asked me to round up some quick and easy ways to get your house ready for fall. You can read all my tips right here.

But I also wanted to add in some of my favorite Fall inspired furniture pieces that I have been seeing as of late. To me, Fall always means cozy textures- velvets, rich leathers, slubby sweater fabrics. All the yummy stuff! But also great woods, crazy coppers and warm hues that reflect the season. Check em out below and dont be mad if your inspired to throw out all your furniture and start from scratch. Well we can all dream! 

Spike Coffee Table 

Spike Coffee Table Jayson Home 

Spike Coffee Table Jayson Home 

Statement making is an understatement. Love the color of this table from Jayson Home. I always say your coffee table should bring the whole design together. This outta do it. Throw a great vintage leather tray on it, some beautiful olive branches and magic fall has arrived! 

Hemming Swivel Armchair

West Elm's Hemming Chair 

West Elm's Hemming Chair 


I love the print no on this chair- the perfect patterned piece to take an empty nook t new heights. Throw on a warm pumpkin colored pillow and silky throw and its perfect to cozy up on! Grab one here 

Land and Sky Buffet 

Anthropologie Deer Console for the win! 

Anthropologie Deer Console for the win! 

This Anthropologie console had me from the moment I laid eyes on it. I love the magic quality of the carving and of course the literal nature of the imagery just scream fall. Every room needs a conversation piece and this could be it. I'm a sucker for animal home decor and this one is a biggie! 


Brass Sconce

Brass Sconce via Triple Seven Home 

Brass Sconce via Triple Seven Home 

Brass is the perfect metal for fall. Its warm and soft and adds just the right amount of "jewelry" to a space. I ran across these great sconces on Etsy and fell in love. These have such a fun sculptural quality to them and are so modern and clean. Check out the rest of the shop for more awesome lighting pieces!  

Marigold Natural Rug

Rug via Forma Living

Rug via Forma Living

And I cant have a round up without some natural material! Love the beautiful gold sheen and meticulous craftsmanship of this hemp rug. Perfect for your foyer or mud room, this casual rug has a beautiful interesting shape and will set the stage for your seasonal decor. Love! 

Inspiration: Tokyo

I get so much inspiration for my work from travel. I love cities, countryside, urban, suburban. Checking out gardens and museums, restaurants and hotels and meeting new people.  Being in these environments is a never ending well that just makes my brain non stop tick with what Im going to bring to my next project. I was recently in Japan and let me say what an amazing city the architecture,  the energy, the colors. Between the Prada Store, Robot Restaurant, kayaking around Tokyo then taking a train across the country to more remote areas to see the isolated beauty, it was a stunning trip. 

When in Tokyo be sure to hit the Aoyama Flower Market to sip tea amongst the most beautiful blooms in a really cool industrial space.