Before and After: Erin Heimstra of Apartment 34

So excited to reveal this one! Recently I completed the design for the guest bedroom of the talented Erin Heimstra from Apartment 34. I have been so lucky lately working with so many talented ladies with a great eye for style- it really makes the collaboration process that much more fun. And it always ups the challenge to create a fashionable, stylish space when the client is so fashionable and stylish herself! 



Erin recently completed the remodel of an old Victorian here in San Francisco and let me just say this house is AMAZING! I am happy to say the guest room/ home office is the first room in Erin's "Old Victorian" to be completed and I am pretty happy with the results! 

Erin loves white and clean-  her inspiration was a little Scandinavian, a little Parisian loft. She really wanted the space to have an easy feel and I played off of that to create  a room that was not too feminine and not too masculine. 

Leaning pictures, an industrial sconce and clean white bedding all play into the look creating a luxurious respite for guests and also a great place for Erin to spend her days working. You can read ore about the design on Architectural Digest and read more about the project!