Bringing the Outdoors In

By far, nature is one of the the biggest sources of inspiration in my design work. I am so lucky to live in a place where I am surrounded by amazing scenery- trees, mountains, water.  All of these elements endlessly inspire my creative process, and I constantly recognize elements in my design work that are a direct result of nature- the colors in a sunset, or the blue of the ocean always seem to find a way into my interiors.

That being said its no wonder plants play such an important role in my design work- I love the drama of an unexpected tree or the perfect tropical plant to add a freshness to a space. So of course you have to think about the perfect planters to use for all this beautiful leafy-ness! 

I love a planter in an unexpected texture or color, something that is simple and clean so that your plant can be the star of the show! I've rounded up a few of my recent favorites and I have to say I am pretty much loving that new matte rose planter from West Elm! Going to have to find a spot for her in my house! Want some more inspo? Check out my interior jungle board on pinterest- lots more goodies there! 

Images: mid century / adelphi / wire planter / bette/ adia/ clay stripe bowl / Haarkon / Poetry of Material Things / Wock Wocka Wocka