Black and White All Over

You can never really go wrong with monochromatic styling. It always feels fresh and modern and its a great way to keep a design gender neutral in an interior. Same goes for apparel, I love the look of all one color top to bottom. One of my clients that I am currently working with loves working in single tones and her spaces are so sophisticated and clean. 

Even though you are building on just a few tones keep it interesting by: 

+ invite texture- select fabrics and materials that add depth to the design even in one tone. Bring in leathers, knits, velvets. Even all in black each of these materials will look utterly different in the space. 

+ pattern play- think about what patterns you can bring in that will compliment the design while keeping in tune with the colors that you are using 

+ material mash up- adding acrylic, glass, silver, gold will do wonders to add dimension to your monochromatic look. All of these materials play well with the tone on tone look and dont take away from the clean look you are after. 

Ok off to go put my glass heeled booties on (sigh) and put up some of that amazing Kelly Wearstler wallpaper (double sigh)....

images via: Le Fashion   The Design Chaser Totokaelo Kelly Wearstler Ferreol Babin